Scholarships and sponsorships for UK Universities

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    Remember that you can write to the companies listed at our job section about scholarships. It will do you no harm to try.
    Finally,try and make most of your scholarship application between Sept. and Oct., unless the company advices otherwise

    --This is a wicked site
    -It is delicated to getting cash to students by helping them find scholarships.
    --Every year, millions of scholarships go unclaimed because students either are unaware they exist, or think they wouldn't qualify for one. has a large database of scholarships in Europe.
    --Searching is easy, quick and free of charge.
    -- Highly recommended by SNB if you speak/understand German.

The Gen Foundation

    The Gen Foundation is a charitable trust which provides substantial scholarships and grants to students and scholars from a broad cross-section of fields. Candidates from the following disciplines are invited to apply:
  • modern languages,
  • music,
  • art,
  • natural science,

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships,

With a munificent benefaction from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Gates Cambridge Trust has established, with effect from October 2001, a scheme of Gates Cambridge Scholarships, for scholars of outstanding academic merit and leadership potential from every country of the world other than the United Kingdom, who are committed to serving their communities, and who gain admission to the University of Cambridge to pursue courses of study as follows:

second Bachelor degree as an affiliated student; one-year postgraduate courses; research leading to the degree of PhD.

The Gates Cambridge Trust intends to offer a substantial number of awards annually, which will cover the costs of studying at Cambridge. Some of these awards will be for students from the United States of America; but students from all countries, including the countries of the European Union other than the United Kingdom, will be eligible to be considered for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

    Univeristy scholarships and awards 2001is complied by the well known "Brian Heap".
    They booklet contains:
  • over 100 university and colleges entries giving scholarships, awards and prizes for applicants, undergraduates and overseas students.
  • Professional bodies and other organisations offering awards.
  • index by degree course subject.
  • it also gives details of who is eligible to apply; when and how to apply.
  • HIghly Recommended by SNB.
  • Price: ?1.99
  • ISBN: 0-85660-553-0

British Council
    Has information about scholarships for :
    Hong Kong, Singaphore, commonwealth and United States international students studying in UK

Educational virtual campus
    Contains information about Universities that offer scholarships to international students
    *** Highly Recommended !!!

International Awards 2001+
    -- Edited by Sue Kirkland, Helen Lund and Derek Wilde.
    -- ISBN 0 85143 1763 ( First Edition)
    -- Price : 40 (43 by airmail).
    -- Dicounted prices avaliable to staff of Association of Commonwealth Universities 32 (35 by airmail), international 28 (31 by airmail).
    -- This book is intended for international students and researchers. Those who wish to continue their studies or undertake research overseas, or in a country outside your own.
    -- The book gives the names of the commonwealth countries, the universities within the countries, that offer scholarships.
    -- Recommended, mainly for international students.

Sponsorship and funding Directory
    -- Published annually by Hobsons Publishing pls in association with CRAC. -- Avaliable from Plumbridge Ltd, Eastover Road, Plymouth, PL6 7PY
    -- Tel: 01752 202 301

Enginneering Opportunities for students and graduates
    -- This booklet is free from the institution of Mechanical Engineers.
    -- It contains quite a few ( about 40) sponsors and universities with sponsored courses. -- Price : Free
    -- Avaliable from IMECH c/o Marketing and communications Department, 1 Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ.
    -- Tel: 0207 222 3337
    -- email

Everything you want to Know about Sponsorship
    -- Published by Ameoba Publications, Lakeside Manor Farm, Crowland Road, Eye Green, Cambridgeshire PF6 7VV.
    -- Tel: 01733 223 113

Other Scholarship books, you can get hold of at your local library
    -- Money to study, by the family Welfare Association
    -- Charities Digest, by the family Welfare Association
    -- The grant Register' by Macmillans
    -- The Educational Grants by the Directory of Social Change
    -- Directory of Grant-Making Trusts, by the Charities Aid Foundation.

    " Sponsorships offered to students by employers and professional bodies for first degrees, BTEC higher awards or comparable courses beginning in 2000"

    Booklet published by the careers and Occupational Information center. It can be found at most career offices, public libraries, school careers libraries, and other good locations. Copies can be purchased from Careers and Occupational information Center, PO Box 348, Bristol BS99 7FE.
    Institutions are listed in the booklet, which offer courses that have sponsorship.

    The Authur Anderson Scholarship Programme

  • All applicants for the Scholarship Programe should anticipate gaining 3 good A-level grades (i.e A's and B's preferably including Mathematics). A GCSE grade 'A' or equivalent in Mathematics will be essential. Applicants should also have a keen interest in business.
    For more information: write to:
    The scholarship Programme Co-ordinator, Arthur Andersen, Freepost KE3270, London WC2R 2PS (no stamps) or Tel. 0207 438 3391. Please remember to include your name, school and address.

    Postgradaute scholarships

    British Federation of Women Graduates
    Address: 4 Mandeville Courtyard, 142 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 4NB.
    -- The offer scholarship to women intending to study postgraduate research.

Audi Foundation
    Address: Yeoman Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes MK14 5AN.
    -- Audi offer both postgraduate and undergraduate sponsorships.

Royal Society of Edinburgh
    Address: 22 - 26 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PQ.
    --Scholarship mainly to engineering degrees held at Scottish universities.